Services & Photos

Record Production

We have the know-how to make the record you always wanted to. We will pre-produce in your rehearsal room, as well as engineer, mix and master your project. We will leave no stone unturned in the quest to make the record of your dreams.


We can edit your drums with the utmost precision and replace with top quality samples, tune all your vocals with no artifacts and Re-Amp your guitars and basses. We are also very adept at voiceover editing and will make all your takes shine.

Voice Over

We can do voice over sessions for those how need audio for advertising, television, video games, audio books or anything else that requries neutral and low noise recording. We have many mics to choose from so we get exactly the right one for your voice.

Control Room

This is where the magic happens. You will be confortable with plenty of room to track guitars, listen to a mix, or attend an editing session. 3 sets of monitors to listen back on, as well as a huge monitor to track your progress.

Live Room

The live room is big enough for a 5 piece band to track live off the floor. Singer and V/O talent will use this room to record their vocals with plenty of room and ambience. Drummer will love this room designed especially to give a huge drum sound.


Here are some of the guitars and basses available for you to track with. We have vintage and modern guitars and basses to get the tone you want. We are constantly getting new gear so please check in with us.

Drum Kits

We have 3 professional Drum Kits, DW, GMS and Fibes for you to use on our sessions along with many snares to fit with your song perfectly. They can be configured in any way to make sure you are comfortable when you track your songs.


Here are some of the lovely microphones we have to offer on your sessions. Be it for rock, jazz or a voice over, we have you covered. Vintage and modern mics that we will pair with your voice to capture the natural sound of your voice.

The Lounge

Need to relax? Write a new riff, or play some video games.....this is where it happens. Take some time off from all your hard work. The perfect get away from the studio to collect your thoughts and re-charge so you can nail that take.